In Memory of Frankie Manning (1914-2009)

"A Birthday Celebration"

Frankie Manning's 85th Birthday Celebration

Roseland Ballroom, May 26, 1999

A Photo Book by Alan D. Sugarman

60 Pages of Memorable Photographs!!


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Articles and Video Concerning Frankie Manning's Memorials Events

"Honoring the Man Who Helped Make the Lindy Hop", May 22, 2009, New York Times.

Frankie Manning: Never Stop Swinging, WNET/PBS Documentary -
Initially Aired May 21, 2009.
Ten percent of the video is from Frankie's 85th Roseland Birthday Celebration and Was Supplied by Zort Music

"Frankie Manning Swing Dance Legend

What I learned from the Late Frankie Manning"
Julie Cohen,
May 14, 2009, Our Town and Westsider (New York City Local Newspapers).



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"Swingin' Away - Celebrating Swing Legend Frankie Manning"

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Our First release:  "Swingin' Away" ... the LIVE recording of George Gee and His Make- Believe Ballroom Orchestra at Frankie Manning's 85th Birthday Party, May 26, 1999 at Roseland Ballroom. 

12 page poster of photos from the event, choreography for the Shim Sham and the Lindy Chorus, and Frankie Manning calling the Shim Sham to Stompin' at the Savoy.   Not to be missed. 

This CD will be sold out soon and is a collector's item.



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"SWINGIN' AWAY"  TRACK LIST (Total Time 1:00:14)

Tr Title Songwriter Solos Time BPM
1 TAKE THE A TRAIN Billy Strayhorn Szymanski 2:56 192
2 INTRO TO BLUES Gee 0:58 144
3 BLUES FOR STEPHANIE John Clayton, Jr. Wiseman, Germanson 4:15 144
4 SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE Charles Calhoun Lance Bryant vocals 3:00 142
5 BASIE BOOGIE Frank Foster Germanson 2:58 198
6 LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL Fleecie Moore, Sam Theard Carla Cook vocals; Pazant 2:27 156
7 SHE'S NEVER SATISFIED Lance Bryant Lance Bryant vocals 5:33 148
8 ROLL EM Mary Lou Williams Pazant, Germanson 4:53 200
9 FOUR FIVE SIX Frank Foster Szymanski, Bryant 4:30 144
10 THE LADY IS A TRAMP R. Rodgers, L. Hart Carla Cook vocals 1:56 184  
11 PENNIES FROM HEAVEN A. Johnston, J. Burke Carla Cook vocals; Bryant, Germanson 2:35 154  
12 720 IN THE BOOKS Jan Savitt , Johnny Watson, Harold Adamason Pazant, Stephens 2:16 206  
13 EVERY DAY I HAVE THE BLUES Peter Chatman aka Memphis Slim Lance Bryant vocals 6:05 130
14 BLUES IN HOSS' FLAT Frank Foster, Gardner, Ghee, Trowers, Germanson 5:15 148  
15 THE CONTINENTAL Con Conrad, Herbert Magidson Szymanski vocals 3:40 160  
16 WEDNESDAY NIGHT HOP Leslie John Akins, Andy Kirk Germanson, Stephens, Pazant 2:48 190  
17 STOMPIN' AT THE SAVOY Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Edgar Sampson Bryant, Szymanski, Pazant Frankie Manning Calling the Shim Sham, 4:01 172